Impreza JDM / Twin Scroll “top feed” billet fuel rails

The standard routing of fuel feed lines to the engine are deemed by many as not being as efficient as possible on the majority of Impreza models (especially where power gains are required and a fast and reliable fuel supply becomes even more critical). From factory the fuel system delivers fuel to each injector in a row, passing by each cylinder one at a time. Ultimately this means that the final cylinder is usually waiting longer to receive fuel that the three before it which many believe can cause the cylinder bank to run lean. A far more effective system is to run a separate fuel feed to each injector rail which guarantees each injector to have an equal share of the fuel being delivered by the fuel pump. To be able to do this the factory fuel rails must be removed and replacements offered that enable new fuel lines to be installed.

Bachler Racing fuel rails have been specifically developed for this purpose, not only do they offer the ability to connect aeroquip hose and fittings to each end (therefore forming a new fuel feed line) but they also offer a much larger capacity for fuel storage above the feed into the injector. With limitless possibilities of fittings available for each end of the fuel rails this also offers flexibilty where space is comprimised when installing rotated turbo kits.

Manufactured from 6061 aluminium extrusion the fuel rail tubes are then extensively machined to reduced weight and offer the highest possible finish. All of their fuel rail brackets are then produced on a 5 axis CNC before being highly polished and anodised black.

Fits the following models:

• Impreza WRX & STI from 2001-2015 (JDM Models Only with One Piece Inlet Manifold)
• Please note: These fuel rails are designed specifically for JDM vehicles fitted with a one piece inlet manifold. UK, European and USDM vehicles of the same age have a three piece inlet manifold where two additional throttle bodies / tumblers can be found separating the cylinder heads from the top section of the inlet manifold.

If you are unsure in any way then please contact us.